HVAC 101
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We want you informed and knowledgeable about your heating, air conditioning and ventilation system and ductwork so that you can make the right choices about your in home comfort needs. Below you'll find a plethora of information regarding your HVAC system...

Things to be aware of before having your furnace replaced.

Low Cost Furnace Replacement In Denver Colorado By DeValls HVAC

#1 - Most furnace change-outs entail modifying the plenum. Which means working with sheet metal. This is something YOURE going to see for as long as you live in your house. So think - if it aint pretty, it aint right. Theres a lot of HVAC technicians out there who cant do simple sheet metal bending, theres also a lot of HVAC installers that cant install a furnace properly. So what seems like the simplest task can very easily result in your new furnace to be installed ugly or improperly.
#2 - Higher prices dont always mean better equipment. All furnaces are made by the same 5 or 6 manufacturers, same company, different logo/name, different color and a different price, but mostly the same parts. Its either crap or its not, with the exception of the god forsaken "lemon". Most all have just about the same warranty, so dont be tricked in to thinking a higher priced furnace is a better furnace. Most HVAC companies in Denver pay just about the same price for the equipment they use, however the material mark-up is different and the labor charge is different. That is why the quotes you receive can differ so drastically.
#3 - Most HVAC companies in Denver charge between $3500.00 to $6000.00 for a simple 80% gas furnace change-out. DeValls HVAC can install a new 80% gas furnace for nearly a third of that. Same equipment just lower labor cost and no material mark-up. So call a few local HVAC companies and get a couple of quotes to replace your furnace and then call DeValls HVAC to - Get it done right, get it done for less.©

What to consider or ask about when having a furnace replaced in your home.

Low Cost Furnace Replacement In Denver Colorado By DeValls HVAC

#1 - If your old furnace had to work hard to heat your home maybe a slightly larger furnace is an option. If it blasted you out and was done working after only a few minutes, you might want to down size. Look at the inside of the furnace, left side or right side, to find your furnaces btu output. Use this as a reference to help decide what size furnace you need. A company might recommend a particular size furnace, usually lower btu output, to increase their profit, but the size of your furnace should be based on the square footage of your home. Existing ductwork can create future problems if you increase the furnace size to much, causing the heat ex-changer to wear out sooner because its not moving the air at the proper rate. This problem can be rectified by increasing some or all of the "trunk line" duct size if possible.
#2 - If the return air filter is in a bad location, is difficult to access or is in-effective ask if a return air box can be added under the new furnace. A filter door can sometimes be added to the return air duct "drop" thats along side of the furnace when the filter box is not an option. If you have a "common" return air, a filter grill could also be an option.
#3 - Will the gas flex thats attached to the side of my furnace be replaced?
#4 - Will the single wall flue pipe that attaches to the furnace be replaced if necessary?
This can rot out over time and is very cheap and easy to replace at the same time that you have your furnace replaced.
#5 - If you dont have combustion aires already you may need them added.

Simple troubleshooting for your furnace.

basic anatomy of a furnace

#1 - Newer furnaces have a tiny little light usually located in the bottom part of the furnace on the circuit board behind the bottom door/panel of your furnace, theres also usually a "viewing window" on that panel. This light along with the instructions located on the back side of that bottom door/panel can help you diagnose problems with your furnace.
You might not be able to fix the problem yourself but it will help when you have work done to your furnace.
#2 - Make sure the thermostat is in the on position and working properly.
#3 - Check that there is power to the furnace. The little light we talked about earlier should be on when the bottom panel is on or the door switch is pressed.
#4 - Check to see if the gas valve is set in the on position. (in-line with the gas pipe) Anything beyond these simple steps should be handled by a professional.

Final thoughts.

#1 - Dont fall for a sales ploy because you dont understand what their saying. Ask questions. Be informed and make an educated decision.
#2 - Not all HVAC installers take the same level of pride in their craft. 10 years of experience for one man can be very different for another. Youre paying somebody your hard earned money to do the job, then they might as well know what their doing and handle it with a certain amount of pride, right?

HVAC doesnt have to be expensive or complicated...
Give DeValls HVAC a call and - Get it done right, get it done for less.©