FAQs Regarding HVAC

When should I replace my furnace?

Ductwork And Furnace Installation Denver CoIf your system is more than 12 years old.
Ductwork And Furnace Installation Denver CoIf your current furnace has a cracked heat ex-changer.
Ductwork And Furnace Install Denver CoIf you would like to reduce your carbon footprint.
Ductwork And Furnace Install Denver CoIf your energy bills are high.
Ductwork Repair And Furnace InstallIf your old system is inefficient or in need of repair.
Ductwork Repair And Furnace InstallIf the cost to repair your furnace out weighs the cost of replacing.

How long should my new furnace last?

Ductwork Repair And Furnace Change OutIf its installed properly your new furnace should last 10 to 15 years.

How much will a new furnace cost?

Ductwork Repair And Furnace InstallationThat depends on who you call. We charge about a third of what most heating companies in Denver charge.

How long will it take to install a new furnace?

Ductwork Installation And Furnace InstallationAgain that depends on who you call and your application. Most heating companies in Denver send two guys out and they take most of the day if not all day, depending on which installers they decide to send to your job. At DeValls HVAC we send or top installer to every job, and your furnace install should take no more than four hours.

How often should I change my filter?

Ductwork Installation And Furnace InstallationThat depends on the kind of air filter you use and the desired air quality of your home. Most filters recommend changing every 30 to 45 days. A system with a clogged filter can cost you air quality along with less air flow. Replacing a filter cost a lot less than replacing a coil or furnace.

I have rooms that are hot while others are cold what can be done?

Ductwork Installation And Furnace InstallationThere are usually a few things we can try. Depending on your application, we should be able to add a heat run and/or a return air at a relatively low cost. Which would increase air flow in the troubled areas.
Ductwork Installation And Furnace ReplacementSealing up your duct system could also help.
Ductwork Installation And Furnace ReplacementIncreasing duct size and/or furnace size could also help.
Ductwork And Furnace ReplacementBalancing your system can also help.

A few things to consider before you finish your basement or remodel your house.

Ductwork Installation And Furnace ReplacementOlder houses have leaky systems, duct sealent wasnt required, and by now the duct tape that might have been used is dried out and pretty much useless. If youre planning on covering up heat runs, they need to be sealed, if your dropping a ceiling around ductwork that to should be buttoned up and any new heat runs or return aires should be added first.
Ductwork And Furnace ReplacementIf you open up a wall and find a flue pipe or other ductwork this should all be fire-stopped and fire-sealed.
Ductwork And Furnace ReplacementAttic systems should be sealed and wrapped with insulation.
Install Ductwork And Furnace InstallationCombustion aires should be added in all mechanical rooms along with attics and crawl spaces.
Ductwork Install And Furnace InstallBath fan venting should be done.
Ductwork And Furnace ReplacementDryer venting should be done.
Ductwork And Furnace ReplacementKitchen hood venting should be done.

While this all may seem like a dounting task, its really quite simple, just give us a call. Well take care of everything for you, well explain everything in detail, and together we can create a plan of attack that is within your budget.

HVAC doesnt have to be expensive or complicated...
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